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Pre-Wedding Shoot

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"The pre-shoot was our first experience of having our photos taken professionally and Amy made us feel so comfortable.'

Lauren & Martin

Natural and relaxed pre-wedding couple shoot

I offer a pre-wedding shoot (aka an engagement shoot) as an optional package add-on. We get together about 8 weeks before your wedding day for a super relaxed couple shoot. For some the thought of a pre-wedding shoot/engagement shoot makes them cringe and even just thinking about having their photo taken haunts them! But there are some real benefits of having a pre-wedding couple shoot and here is why I love doing them!

For couples that hate having their photo taken

Honestly, I hear the words 'I hate having my photo taken!' all the time! This is such a common feeling and so the thought of having to do extra photos on a pre-wedding shoot scares some people. But this is actually one of the most important reasons to do the shoot. The idea of the shoot is to try and shake off any nerves you may have and get you used to having your photo taken. Everyone that has had a shoot with me, has gone on to say how much they loved it and how it put them at ease for the wedding day.


You know what to expect on your wedding day
Unless you've had a professional photoshoot before, chances are your wedding day will be the first time you've worked with a professional photographer. The last thing you want is to look uncomfortable or awkward in your wedding day photos, so by doing the pre-wedding shoot, you can relax, knowing exactly what to expect on the wedding day! It's almost like a 'practice run' before the day. You can get used to me with a camera in my hand, and the way I photograph.
On the day of your wedding, we’ll more than likely be limited in the time we have together for photos of just the two of you. So by doing a shoot before the day, you're warmed up, relaxed and ready and know what to expect. Also meaning on the wedding day, we can just jump straight into getting beautiful portraits quickly and you can get back to celebrating with your guests.

I get to see what 'poses' work well for you
The pre-wedding shoot also gives me a great opportunity to see how you are in front of the camera - to see how you interact with each other and work out what poses work well! I keep everything quite relaxed and natural but give a little bit of direction when needed. This doesn’t mean cheesy grins and awkward poses, just natural and romantic photos of you both together, just being yourselves!

We get to know each other a little better!

On your wedding day, I want you to feel like a friend has turned up to capture your day, not just a stranger with a camera. For that reason, I always meet with couples before their wedding day anyway, but by doing the shoot we get a bit of extra time together. It's a great chance for us to get to know each other better and I always find this helps to get the best natural photos out of you. It will be relaxed, informal and fun!


What happens on the shoot?

I normally arrange the shoot to take place about 8 weeks before your wedding day. The shoot will last for around an hour. We can go to a location of your choice for the shoot (within a 30-mile radius of where I am based in Rugby - I am happy to travel further but extra travel costs apply for places further away.) Some couples choose their wedding venue location or others opt for a favourite walk or country park, maybe even where they met. But if you are stuck with a location idea I can give you some suggestions.


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