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The importance of printing your photos!

Flat lay of a photo album and prints by wedding photographer Amy Bennett

We now live in such a digital world and I think most of us are guilty of sharing lots of beautiful images on social media and having thousands of photos sitting in the camera roll of our phones, but we never get around to printing and displaying these precious memories. I truly believe that photos should be printed, displayed and treasured by generations to come. I love looking through the old family photos of my parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents - photos I now treasure. I can’t wait to sit down with my son Harry when he is a bit older and look through them together. Not forgetting the photos from my own wedding day too! One day I will, of course, pass these photo memories on to him, but what will he be able to do with a USB stick or photos on an old outdated iPhone in x amount of years?

Couples that book me for their wedding receive their wedding photos delivered on a personalised USB with all of the digital files on. A beautiful keepsake and the cute wooden box even looks lovely on display in homes! I highly recommend backing up your photos in more than one location and using a ‘cloud’ backup if you can. Don't just have them on one USB, it could get lost or damaged. I've had couples lose them on house moves and a dog chew one (yes this really happened to one of my couples once!) Luckily, I was able to offer a replacement as I have every wedding gallery I've ever photographed since 2014 backed up. But then another important thing to note is it's quite possible that USBs won't be around forever. Think how quickly technology gets updated. USB ports will likely continue to vanish from laptops and computers, joining outdated CDs and floppy discs (yep, remember those?!) Prints and photo albums will far outlive a USB stick. I offer a range of prints and other beautiful photo products that can be ordered directly from your online gallery. I use a professional printing lab based in the UK and have found to be the best printing lab around. They offer high-quality prints using top quality photo paper. Although, you are not limited to only ordering prints from me. But if you do get prints made elsewhere, please just be aware that the cheaper photo printing companies will use a different paper type, printer and ink - so the quality often just isn’t quite the same and won’t offer the same colour calibration my print lab does.) Whether you order prints from me or prints elsewhere - just promise to print and display something!


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