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Hey! I'm Amy, a Warwickshire wedding photographer, photographing love stories in The Midlands and across the UK. I'm an autumn lover, tea drinker, crafter, floral dress wearer and hopeless romantic!

I describe my photography style as storytelling. I unobtrusively document your day for you as it happens and I'm all about capturing real smiles, happy tears, big hugs, little details, fun, laughter and love!

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The importance of printing your photos!

Flat lay of a photo album and prints by wedding photographer Amy Bennett

In today's digital age, I think most of us are guilty of sharing lots of beautiful images on social media and having thousands of photos sitting on the camera roll of our phones. Yet we never get around to actually printing and displaying these precious memories.

Keepsakes and memories for future generations

I truly believe that photos should be printed, displayed and treasured by many generations to come. Looking back at old family photos, whether from our parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents, fills us with nostalgia and a sense of connection. These photos, treasured over time, become cherished keepsakes that we eagerly share with our loved ones. I have two children and they love looking at 'mummy and daddy's wedding photos. I like to imagine them sitting down with their own children years from now looking at our wedding photos and memories from their childhood. But I can't help but think in x amount of years what will they be able to do with an old USB stick or the photos on an old outdated iPhone?

Ensuring Longevity

When you choose me as your wedding photographer, I deliver your photos on a personalized USB with a keepsake box. However, I always recommend backing up your photos in multiple locations including cloud storage, to safeguard against loss or damage.

While USB sticks are a convenient way to store digital photos, they are not immune to technological evolution and USBs won't be around forever. Think how quickly technology gets updated. USB ports will likely continue to vanish from laptops and computers, joining outdated CDs and floppy discs (yep, remember those?!) Prints and photo albums will far outlive a USB stick. Printing your photos ensures they withstand the test of time.

Professional prints

I offer a range of prints and other beautiful photo products that can be ordered directly from your online gallery. I use a professional printing lab based in the UK and have found it to be the best printing lab around. They offer high-quality prints using top-quality photo paper. You are not limited to only ordering prints from me, you're welcome to print your photos elsewhere but be mindful that cheaper options often compromise on quality. (The cheaper photo printing companies will use a different photo paper, printers and ink - so the quality often just isn’t quite the same and won’t offer the same colour calibration my print lab does.)

Whether you order prints from me or prints elsewhere - just promise to print and display something! That way your memories will be enjoyed for decades, not just fleeting moments on a screen.


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