Why you should have a photographer document the morning of your wedding!

As a documentary storytelling wedding photographer, I really love being there for the whole day, starting with the morning preparations. This doesn't just mean lots of photos of you having make-up put on, it’s much more than that. It's such an exciting part of the day, with so much going on - lots of emotional moments, excitement and anticipation. I sometimes get asked if bridal prep coverage can be removed from my package (and I am always happy to create a bespoke package for a couple) but I feel having this part of your day documented is so important and here are some of the reasons why.

I arrive about two hours before the ceremony at the preparations location and normally start with detail shots. You put so much time and effort into planning your day... finding the perfect dress, choosing beautiful flowers and buying a pair of gorgeous shoes - no small detail will be forgotten! I photograph like to photograph jewellery, perfume and other special details too.

(Top tip either wear your absolute favourite perfume or buy a completely new scent for the wedding day! That way whenever you smell that scent, it will remind you of your amazing day! I wore Daisy by Marc Jacobs.)

Oh, and of course there will be photos of you looking absolutely beautiful and glam...

But having a photographer there at bridal prep is also about documenting the atmosphere, fun, laughter, tears and nerves! Champagne popping and cheers! Having a cuppa while you have your hair done. Selfies. That moment you get into your dress and sh*t gets real! Cinderella moments. Bridesmaid's first looks. Dad reactions. Just real, honest moments as they happen.