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Hey! I'm Amy, a Warwickshire wedding photographer, photographing love stories in The Midlands and across the UK. I'm an autumn lover, tea drinker, crafter, floral dress wearer and hopeless romantic!

I describe my photography style as storytelling. I unobtrusively document your day for you as it happens and I'm all about capturing real smiles, happy tears, big hugs, little details, fun, laughter and love!

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How to get the best confetti photos on your wedding day!

Confetti at Ashton Lodge wedding

I love a confetti shot - they're fun and colourful, and capture genuine moments of joy that you will treasure forever. This is capturing natural smiles, laughter and fun at its best! You want beautiful, fun and colourful confetti photos on your wedding day too, right? Then read on for my top tips on getting the best confetti photo on your wedding day!

1. There is no such thing as too much confetti!

Probably the most important tip to get the best confetti moment - you can never have too much confetti! If the big confetti shot is a must-have for you, then be sure to provide enough to give out to all the guests. Not only does getting loads of confetti give you a chance to enjoy the moment and maybe stop for a little kiss, but it also allows your photographer to get as many shots as possible. Don't rely on guests to bring their own. As a minimum, aim for at least one handful per guest. If you want a super epic and colourful confetti moment, get some confetti cannons as well.

2. Check with your venue

Venues often have rules on if and where confetti can be thrown, so always be sure to check with your venue before the day! Most will only allow biodegradable confetti or dried petals. Many online companies sell pretty dried flower petals, like The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company and Shropshire Petals. If biodegradable tissue paper confetti is what you're looking for, check out Flutter, Darlings! Or, if you're feeling crafty, you can DIY confetti by hole-punching shapes from biodegradable tissue paper.

*Fun alternatives to confetti

If your venue doesn't allow confetti, fear not because there are some fun alternatives! Bubbles are a good one, and who doesn't love blowing bubbles - this will keep the little ones and the big kids entertained. Other alternatives I've seen are ribbon wands and even pompoms (make sure your guests pick them up afterwards!)

3. Confetti tunnel or all in one go?

There are a couple of ways to do confetti. The most popular way is a 'confetti tunnel'. Your guests line up guests on either side and toss confetti as you pass through. Another option is for you to stand in the middle and everyone throws the confetti up in one go. This is often best done at the same time as the big group photo (if you're having one). With this option, your guests often get covered in confetti as well as you! From experience, confetti tunnels tend to work best and means the fun lasts longer!

4. It's not quite as spontaneous as it looks!

Confetti photos often look quite spontaneous, but they're not and require a bit of planning. To get the best shots, there needs to be a bit of guest organisation first and it takes time to get everyone into position. Be sure to allow extra time in your timeline for confetti. It's helpful to have a few people to distribute confetti to guests. Depending on the number of guests, it can take 10 minutes just to get everyone into position and ready.

5. Look up and smile!

When confetti is being thrown at your face and raining down on you from above, it's natural to want to look down or close your eyes. However, try to keep your head up and your eyes open if possible. This lets your photographer capture beautiful shots of your smiling faces amidst the colourful confetti shower.

6. Have fun with it!

Finally, have fun and enjoy the moment! The confetti moment often turns out to be one of the highlights of your wedding day, so soak it all in and have a blast! If you decide to go for a confetti tunnel, take your time walking through it and enjoy the cheers from your guests. Consider stopping halfway for a cheeky kiss -—it makes for a cute photo!


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