How to get the best confetti photos on your wedding day!

Oh, I do love a confetti shot - they really are so much fun and your guests will love it too! Plus couples often pick confetti shots as one of their favourite photos from the day. This is capturing natural smiles, laughter and fun at it's best! So you want beautiful, fun and colourful confetti photos on your wedding day too right? Read on for my top tips on how to get the very best confetti photo on your wedding day!

The most important tip to get the very best confetti photo is you can never have too much confetti! I really can't stress this point enough! Don't rely on guests to bring their own, as most people just don't remember anymore. If the big confetti shot is a must have for you then be sure to provide enough to give out to all the guests. There are lots of online companies that sell pretty dried flower petals like The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company and Shropshire Petals. Another option is to get tissue paper confetti to match your colour theme. Some past brides have actually made their own by hole punching shapes from tissue paper and some have even picked and dried out flower petals from their gardens!

Now, confetti photos often look really spontaneous, but they are actually not! To get the best shots there needs to be a bit of guest organisation first and it takes time to get everyone into position. Be sure to allow extra time in your timeline for confetti. It's always helpful to have a bridesmaid or best man handing out the confetti to guests. Depending on the number of guests it can take 10 minutes just to get everyone into position and ready! From experience, confetti tunnels tend to work best and it means the fun lasts longer!

Another important tip is don’t forget some venues have rules on where confetti can be thrown and most will only allow biodegradable confetti or dried petals. Always be sure to check with your venue before the day! Some venues sadly say no to confetti completely, but fear not, because past couples have used bubbles as a fun alternative! One couple even had a bubble machine! Bubbles work really well and who doesn't love blowing bubbles - this will defiantly keep the little kids and the big kids entertained!

Top Tips

  • Check your venue allows confetti

  • ​Get LOADS - if you want an amazing confetti shot make sure you have plenty!

  • ​Allow time for the confetti shot - it's not as spontaneous as it looks!


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