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Hey! I'm Amy, a Warwickshire wedding photographer, photographing love stories in The Midlands and across the UK. I'm an autumn lover, tea drinker, crafter, floral dress wearer and hopeless romantic!

I describe my photography style as storytelling. I unobtrusively document your day for you as it happens and I'm all about capturing real smiles, happy tears, big hugs, little details, fun, laughter and love!

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What if it rains on our wedding day? How to embrace the weather and still have the best day ever!

Fun umbrella wedding photo

One question I always get asked is ‘What if it rains on our wedding day?’ Unfortunately, no matter how much planning has gone into your day, the one thing you just cannot plan for is the weather! Try not to panic or worry about it too much, but I know that is easier said than done.

As a past bride myself, I remember obsessing over the weather in the run-up to our wedding day, checking the forecast daily on all the different weather apps! Turns out none of them got the forecast right anyway and we quite literally had all four seasons thrown at us. Matt and I got married back in 2016 at the end of April. We had all types of weather... so it was snowing (yes at the end of April!) while guests arrived. I was upstairs getting into my dress, then for the ceremony, group photos and couple portraits it was beautiful sunshine, it felt like a hot summer’s day... then as soon as we sat down to eat, it absolutely chucked it down, but then drying up just in time for some more couple portraits in the evening! But do you know what, we still had the best day ever and didn't let the weather spoil the day!

Of course, there is the option to wait until the rain stops and then get photos. I am yet to have been to a wedding where it has rained non-stop. But rain can actually add a fun element to your wedding photographs. Grab some umbrellas and get creative shots (I always bring a couple with me on the day!)

But I think the best thing you can do is just embrace it! That's what Stacee and Adam did at their wedding at Sketchley Grange. It was raining during the time we were meant to be getting group photos. But rather than let it change any plans, they decided to embrace the rain and everyone came out with their colourful umbrellas and we got this fun group shot!

Get prepared for wet weather 'just in case' before the day. I always bring a couple of umbrellas with me anyway. But why not get some cute backup wellies in case it rains? Particularly if you'll be walking on grass a lot!​ How cute would a pair of spotty Joules wellies or some floral Cath Kidston wellies look? Or go classic with some Hunter wellies. I have even seen white wedding wellies online!

Also, consider having some night portraits done out in the rain - the rain at night looks magical with a bit of creative flash! This is also the perfect excuse to snuggle up together, spending a couple of minutes away from the party to take the whole day in!

Finally, did you know that rain on your wedding day is actually seen as lucky in some cultures? A wet knot is hard to untie, so they say if it rains when you 'tie the knot' your marriage will be just as difficult to unravel. Either way, the weather doesn't need to change your plans, you will still have the best day ever!


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